Master List of Options



Agile Experienced Driver Glib Pawn of Prophecy Tolerance
Coda Extra Protection Improved Parry Right-hand Man Weather-master
Demagogue Eye of an Eagle Jack-of-All-Trades Skin-changer  
Dream-sight Flamboyant Merry Heart Spread Shot  
Everyman Flame-lover Nimble Rider Strong Jaw  
Experienced Followers Open-handed Defense Ten Feet Tall  


Cultural Conflict Grief-stricken Rustic Weak Jaw
Doomed Lingering Shadow Ten Feet Tall Wide of Girth
Fearful Outcast Vendetta  

Barbarian Order Abilities

Blessed Hunter One with the Wild Rage Tribal Elder
Hand of the Ancestors Pathspeaker Spirit Seer  

Craftsman Order Abilities

Avocation Deft Item of Power Maker's Insight Shared Powers
Awaken Animal High Standards Lore of Yavanna Manual Dexterity Specialization
Business Savvy Improvised Weapon Maker's Eye Protege Train Animal

Loremaster Order Abilities

Edheluath Morgoth-cults Test of Lore Watchkeepers
Heritors of the Golden King Society of Antiquarian Collectors The Black Hood  

Magician Order Abilities

Charlatan Craft Charm Spellcasting Prodigy Uncanny Knack

Mariner Order Abilities

Always on the Clock Fleet Commander Jury-rig Presence Storm-reverence
Builder's Expertise Get Your Hands Dirty Knife-fighter Renowned Commander Tales of the Sea
Call of the Sea Hide in Open Waters Navigator Sharp Eyes You Call That a Storm?
Corsair Home Sweet Helm Never Say Die Ship Tactics  
Cosmopolitan It's Just a Wagon Not So Strange Shrewd  
Evasive Maneuvers Jerry-rig On the Double Star-reckoning  

Minstrel Order Abilities

Beast Song Lithe Dancer Multi-talented Soothe Beasts
Kindling of the Spirit Master's Ear Song of Authority  

Noble Order Abilities

Art of War Courtly Education Heroic Legacy Loyal Followers
Bon Vivant Doom Lordly Presence  

Rogue Order Abilities

Breadth of Skill Danger Sense Dirty Fighting Night's Ally Vagabond
Burglary Derring-do Escape Swashbuckler  

Warrior Order Abilities

Improved Combat Edges Powerful Strike Swift Defence Trained Foe-slayer
Iron Fists Skirmisher Tactical Advantage Veteran Campaigner
Lucky Strike Staunch Defender Team Fighting  

Elite Orders 

Advocate Constable Healer
Commander Emissary Weaponmaster

Order Packages

Barbarian Loremaster Minstrel Warrior
Craftsman Mariner Noble  

Racial Packages 

Dwarves Hobbits
Elves Men

Racial Templates

Ents  Half-Trolls (Ogres) Maiar Petty-dwarves Woses


Racial Abilities Unique Ability