Description You have a special gift for knowing the right and proper words and songs to honour significant events.
Requirements none
Effect You gain a +1 bonus ot all Inspire tests. Also, when you make a Perform test using "The Last Word" optional rules (see below), you gain a +4 bonus to the test result.
Improvements none


The Last Word (optional rules)

When a character makes a speech or musical performance to conclude an important event or episode, the character can make a Perform test of the appropriate type. This functions like an Inspire test whose results take effect the next time a listener rouses himself by calling to mind the event and its concluding speech or performance, up to a maximum number of days equal to the performer’s Bearing score.

The listener can use this benefit only once, and he chooses at that time whether to inspire courage, heroism or vigor (see the Inspire skill description in the Core Rules).

Generally, a character may not “save up” these benefits from multiple events or multiple performers; only the most recent or the most personally significant one applies.

A talent for extemporizing lyrics and poetry is especially valuable in this regard. If a character uses Perform: Compose Verse to make the test, listeners may choose two applications of the Inspire skill and apply them simultaneously when using the benefit of the performance, and they may use it within a number of days up to twice the performer’s Bearing score.