Description Your fame has spread, and there are those willing to take up your banner because of you and your deeds.
Requirements Renown 5+, Hoard

Roll 1d6 to determine the number of followers you gain: 1-3 = one (1) follower; 4-5 = two (2) followers; 6 = three (3) followers.

See the rules for followers below.

Improvements none


Followers (optional rules)

Your entourage of followers helps you in any reasonable way, and might even be willing to die under your direction if their faith in you is unwavering and the cause is just.

Cost of followers: Having followers costs money, so the character must have some sort of wealth stored away to pay the followers or at least their expenses. For each pick of Hoard, the character can support himself and the needs of a number of followers equal to 5^number of Hoard picks; therefore, a character with Hoard 2 can support 5^2 followers or 25.

Acquiring more followers: To gain further followers, you do not need to take the edge again, but you must meet these requirements:

Whenever these conditions are met, you can attempt to attract new followers. Roll 1d6 to determine the number of followers you gain: 1 = zero (0) new followers; 2-3 = one (1) new follower; 4-5 = two (2) new followers; 6 = three (3) new followers.

If the result turns out to cause the PC to have a total number of followers greater than his ability to support, he is only able to take on the number of followers he can support.

Corruption: Followers don’t blindly follow a character. If the leader PC fails a Corruption test, each of the followers must make a Corruption test of their own with the TN reduced by 5. If any of the followers fail, then they will leave. There will be a penalty to further Corruption and other social tests the PC makes to lead his followers equal to the PC’s Corruption points + 1 each time followers leave a PC in this manner until the PC gains a number of Renown points equal to the current penalty. If the PC dies, the followers will disperse.

Follower advancements: Followers accumulated may be competent or just starting out in their career. Along with the conditions listed above, the total number of advancements of the followers cannot exceed the PC’s total advancements; 0-advancement characters equal 1/2 when tallying total follower advancements and the most advancements any one follower may have is PC’s advancements -1; if the PC has 1 advancement, he/she may take on a number of 0-advancement followers equal to the roll result. The number of advancements each of the followers has is determined by the PC.

Followers earn XP as the PC earns XP. Followers don’t enter into the equation when a Narrator calculates experience for the party, but they are allotted an amount equal to 50% of their PC’s share. A Narrator may also award bonuses, treasure, etc. as she sees fit based on what transpires in the course of an adventure.

If a follower acquires an equal number of advancements, the character may choose to make him/her a Right-hand Man, but must pay the advancement pick cost for that edge.

If the character already has a Right-hand Man, the follower must make a Willpower test against TN 5. Modify this base TN by adding +1 per 2 advancements of the PC and subtracting the PC’s Renown modifier, as the follower feels that he has learned and achieved enough to make it on his/her own.