Right-hand Man


Description You have earned the trust and service of a loyal companion. He/she will stick with you through thick and thin.
Requirements none
Effect You gain a Right-hand Man. See the optional rules below.
Improvements None, but if character loses his Right-hand Man for any reason, the edge must be reacquired to gain a new one.


Right-hand Man (optional rules)

A Right-hand Man is a boon companion, friend, and confidant. He/she is not affected, as Followers are, by failing Corruption tests.

These sidekicks do not require the character to pay them, as they are self-sufficient and are considered a member of the group when it comes to shares of treasure, etc.

When the Narrator awards experience, the Right-hand man is considered as 1/2 when the total XP is divided by the number in the party, so if there are 4 members and a Right-hand Man, the total XP would be divided by 4.5 and that amount is awarded to everyone in the party, including the Right-hand Man. The Narrator may also give bonus awards to the Right-hand Man just like she could for anyone else.

The Right-hand Man may not start with more advancements than the PC, but may over time accumulate more advancements and not leave the PC.

Finally, if the PC dies, the Right-hand Man may or may not leave the group, as he/she may make a suitable replacement character.