Hand of the Ancestors

[Order Ability]

Order Barbarian
Description Your people recognize in you the mark of ancestral favour, and it is believed that you are fated to perform some great deed.
Requirements none

Before performing some act on behalf of your people -- whether as warrior, leader, diplomat, or otherwise -- you can spend one action to call on your ancestors and receive an extra point of Courage.

You can only spend this point of Courage on an action you take on behalf of your people (which may be broadly defined). The point of Courage does not count toward the total number of Courage points you can spend on a single action or in a single round. You can have only one extra point of Courage from this ability at any time.

(Note: Depending on the theology of your chronicle, you could interpret the extra Courage as arising from within the individual character as a form of self-inspiration, rather than coming from a supernatural source.)

Improvements none