Song of Authority

[Order Ability]

"Old Man Willow? Naught worse than that, eh? That can
soon be mended. I know the tune for him."
—Tom Bombadil, The Fellowship of the Ring

Order Minstrel
Description You know the power of specific songs that hold great influence over certain individual beings.
Requirements Voice of Power ability; 8+ ranks in Perform:Singing

When you acquire this ability, you gain one Song of Authority over an individual being of your choice. Thereafter, you can learn additional songs through intensive study; use the rules for researching lore in Paths of the Wise and treat the information as TN 25 on Table 4.7: Obscurity of Lore.

When you have learnt a Song of Authority, when you are in the presence of the subject you can influence him/her/it by making a Perform test at a TN equal to the subject’s TN equivalent. On a success, you automatically win any contest of wills or opposed Intimidate test against the subject for the duration of the current encounter.

Note: At the Narrator’s option, a single Song of Authority may apply to a small group of individuals with a shared history, such as “the wights of the Barrow-Downs east of the Old Forest” but not all wights.

Improvements none