"Dark have been my dreams of late."
Theoden, The Two Towers

Description Waking dreams reveal to you hints of future events in flashes of imagery. Unlike the truly foresighted, however, your “gift” shows very little of what is to come, and is never under your control.
Requirements none

At the Narrator’s option, a dream-sighted character receives a brief glimpse of the future. The meaning of the vision is almost always obscure, requiring difficult Insight or Lore tests to interpret. The visions are also usually unpleasant; dream-sight tends to occur most frequently in times of upheaval and woe.

While in the throes of dream-sight, the character is rendered momentarily helpless as the vision assails his senses for 1-3 rounds. A Willpower test at TN 10 is required for the character to keep from dropping whatever he holds and crying out at the rush of sensation, which feels akin to a pain throughout the head.

A Complete success on the Willpower test allows the character to take 1 action per round at a -5 penalty while the vision lasts. A Superior success allows the character to take 1 action per round with no penalty. An Extraordinary success allows the character to act normally.

Improvements none