[Order Ability]

Order Rogue
Description Your agility and grace make you a more effective – and flashy – duelist.
Requirements 3+ ranks in Acrobatics

As a single action, make a TN 10 Acrobatics (tumble) test to gain a bonus to attack or defend against a single foe that you designate when you make the Acrobatics (tumble) test. The bonus is +1 for a Marginal success, +2 for a Complete success, +3 for a Superior success, and +4 for an Extraordinary success.

You may apply the bonus either to the next Armed Attack or Unarmed Attack test you make against the foe -orto your Defence score the next time the foe makes an Armed Attack or Unarmed Attack test against you.

If you do not use the bonus by the end of your next turn, it is wasted.

Improvements none