Racial Packages: Men



One clan that would rather conquer than farm are the Balchoth, who rival even the Men of Khand in their thirst for blood and war. They are raiders from the coasts of the inland sea, known for their prowess in battle upon the water and on land. It was this knowledge that enabled them to perform the incredible crossing of the Anduin to lay siege to Gondor.

Armed Combat +2, Craft +1, Ranged Combat +1, Sea-craft +1, Survival +1, Weathersense +1; Battle-fury


Black Númenorean

Anyone of Númenorean origin that returned to Middle-earth in the Second Age to follow Sauron or an ancestor of those who did. They survived to the end of the Third Age and probably into the Fourth Age, during which they were often at war with Gondor. They reigned as the nobles of the land in Umbar and other kingdoms of darkness under the sway of Sauron.

Armed Combat +1, Insight +1, Intimidate +1, Lore +1, Persuade +1, Edge: Rank



A large clan of these Middle Men, led by a chieftain named Frumgar, founded a loosely held nation called the Éothéod. These men built few cities (or burgs, as known to them), but led a mostly nomadic existence tending to their beloved equine brothers along the river Anduin.

Armed Combat +1, Observe +1, Ranged Combat +1, Ride +2; Honour’s Insight


Hillman (Man of Darkness)

The physical appearance of the Folk of Bór is much different than all the other folk of lower Eriador. These people are not as tall and lordly in appearance. Their height is less that of other peoples and more pronounced the higher in the hills they are found. Dark hair and swarthy complexion is prominent and where light skin is found it is pale and sallow. The majority of the people are dark haired and eyed as well.

Armed Combat +1, Climb +1, Ranged Combat +1, Stealth +1, Survival (Mountains) +1, Travel sense


Line of Girion

You are a descendant of the ruling line of Dale. When the dragon, Smaug, came to wreak his destruction upon the mountain kingdom of the Dwarves and small kingdom of Men at the foot of the mountain, the wife of King Girion and his only child escaped in secret with a small number of the folk of Dale to the far end of the lake. Your ancestors proved hardy and wise while downplaying the continuing line of nobility while serving the Master of Lake-town faithfully.

Insight +1, Inspire +1, Language: Understand Bird-speech (Thrush) +2, Lore +1, Ranged Combat +1



The Lossoth are certainly descended from the remnant of the ancient Forodwaith. Throughout the Third Age they lived along the Ice Bay of Forochel, beneath which lay the ruins of Thangorodrim, Morgoth’s mountain stronghold cast down by the Valar in the War of Wrath. The Lossoth came to be wary of the evil carried by icy winds across the bay, and they feared to travel by boat over the cursed waters.

Armed Combat +1, Ranged Combat (Thrown) +1, Survival (Northern Wastes) +1, Track +1, Weather-sense +1, Wary


Man of Arnor (Dúnadan)

Armed Combat +1, Debate +1, Lore +1, Persuade +1, Ranged Combat +1, Survival +1


Man of Arthedain (Dúnadan)

Armed Combat +1, Climb +1, Lore +1, Ranged Combat +1, Stealth (Sneak) +1, Survival (Forest) +1


Man of Cardolan (Dúnadan)

Armed Combat +1, Craft +1, Lore +1, Ranged Combat +1, Stealth (Sneak) +1, Survival (Plains) +1


Man of Dol Amroth

The region of Belfalas has made the inhabitants a sophisticated and hardy folk. From courtiers of the fair halls of the Princes in Dol Amroth to the gruff and calloused hand sailors of the bay, you will find an adventurous spirit in most of the peoples that reside here. This region is populated by both Middle-men and Dúnedain and the racial packages below may pertain to both, depending on the nature of their birth.


Man of Dorwinion (Man of Darkness)

Lying upon the northwestern coasts of the inland sea of Rhûn, Dorwinion is a peaceful and picturesque realm of many gardens and vineyards, basking in the high regard held for their wines and exotic fruits. The realm sprawls along the fertile lands through which passes the River Running – the same river that has its head at the Long Lake near Erebor and Mirkwood. For as long as memory serves, these people of the vine have held amicable relationships with realms in the West.

Craft +2, Debate (Bargain) +2, Survival (Plains) +1, Sea-craft (Boating) +1


Man of Esgaroth (Middle Man)

The settlement on Long Lake came to be called Esgaroth, which was then governed by the trading guild led by one who was elected among their ranks. Eventually after many years of trafficking goods between the East and the Woodland-realm, the town became quite prosperous and influential once again. Once Smaug was slain, the majority of the city was in ruins and was never again what it once was, partially due to the resting place of the accursed wyrm.

Craft or Smithcraft or Stonecraft +2, Debate +1, Sea-craft (Boating) or Teamster +1, Survival (Forest or Mountains) +1, Swim +1


Man of Ithilien (Middle Man)

You hail from the outskirts of Ithilien or are a tradesman in the city of Minas Ithil.

Craft +2, Debate +1, Observe +1, Persuade +1, Survival (Forest or Mountains) +1


Man of Khand (Man of Darkness)

A barbaric and beastly people, the men of Khand are renowned for their savage viciousness on the battlefield. They are especially hated by those in the West for their ancestors’ betrayal when they sided with Morgoth back in the First Age. Since then, they have gone to war with Dúnedain and Elf in the name of their people and that of The Lidless Eye as well.

Armed Combat +2, Craft +1, Ride +1, Survival (Plains) +2, Ranged Combat +1; Battle-fury


Man of Minas Ithil (Dúnadan)

You come from the city or own an estate in the surrounding hills.

Craft +1, Debate +2, Observe +1, Persuade +1, Ride +1


Man of the Mountains

Akin to the Éothéod, these men eke out a meager life in the rocky foothills of the Grey and Misty Mountains about the Vales of Anduin. The Men of the Mountains are simple yet hardy folk who live for the simple pleasures in life. Keeping to themselves mostly and harboring little ill will towards anyone, they take no sides in any conflict save against the evil spawn of the Dark Lord.

Armed Combat +1, Climb +1, Stonecraft +1, Survival (Mountains) +2, Weather-sense +1


Man of Nurn

Dark are the skies and grim are the Men of Nurn. There is no recollection of when its people were not under the heel of Barad-dûr and the whip of their orc taskmasters. Nurn is a fertile land sweeping around the southern to the eastern side of the sea of Nurnen, breadbasket of the war-machine of Mordor. Most of the people here are actually prisoners-turned-slaves taken from Mordor’s battles with realms in the East and West.

Armed Combat +1, Craft +2, Sea-craft (Boating) +1, Survival +2


Man of Osgiliath

Debate +1, Insight +1, Inspire +1, Intimidate +1, Persuade +1, Honey-tongued


Man of the Outlands (Middle Man or Man of Darkness)

These rural folk live in the area of the Lonely Mountain and within a few days’ ride of Dale and Esgaroth. They live the simple life of farmers, fishers, and craftsmen. Little of their heritage has been interrupted or changed for as long as any can remember, except when the Dark Lord’s minions made war upon all Men at the end of the Third Age, burning and pillaging as they went.

Craft +1, Language +1, Ride +1, Survival (Plains) +2, Teamster +1


Man of Pelargir

Pelargir is the greatest and most ancient of the havens of Gondor, on the northern shore of the wide River Anduin in the land of Lebennin. This port was one of the Númenoreans first locations used to colonize western Middle-earth. Even before the decay of Osgiliath began, the governing seat of the province of Lebennin was held in the highest esteem as Gondor’s most important port of call and primary seat of its naval power.

Craft +2, Debate +1, Sea-craft +2, Weather-sense +1


Man of Rhudaur (Dúnadan)

Armed Combat +1, Climb +1, Observe +1, Ranged Combat +1, Survival (Mountains) +2


Man of Rhûn

Like their kin in Khand, men from the realms in Rhun live nomadic lives upon the sprawling plains and steppes, on the shores of the Sea of Rhun and among the rocks of its bordering mountains. They live in peaceful solace tending their livestock and gathering food as they need it. That is, most of them are this way.

Armed Combat +1, Craft +1, Ranged Combat +1, Ride +1, Survival +1; Craftmaster


Man of the Steppe (Man of Darkness)

Like the Wainriders and Easterlings further east in Rhûn and south, these people live a nomadic life, roaming the lonely plains between Erebor and Dorwinion. Though they are free from the influence of Sauron, they descend from men who betrayed men and elf, siding with Morgoth long ago. The same as the Men of the Outlands, little to nothing has changed about the Men of the Steppe, appearance or heritage, since the “dark days of when the earth broke and fell into the sea” as they put it.

Craft +2, Ride +1, Survival (Plains) +2, Teamster +1


Man of Tharbad

Armed Combat +1, Craft +2 Debate +1, Persuade +1, Sea-craft +1


Man of Umbar (Man of Darkness)

You are native to the rebellious city-state of Umbar.

Armed Combat +1, Craft +1, Debate +1, Intimidate +1, Observe +1, Persuade +1


Ranger of the North (Dúnadan)

You are one of the few remaining houses of a dwindling people with a great and proud history. Though diminished in power and numbers, the Dunedain in the north of Eriador still have the will and determination for defying the growing shadow and seeing that the rightful heir is put back on the throne.

Armed Combat +1, Healing +2, Ranged Combat +1, Survival +2; Rank, Fealty (Chieftain of the Rangers)


Rhudaur Commoner (Man of Darkness)

The physical appearance of the Folk of Bór is much different than all the other folk of lower Eriador. These people are not as tall and lordly in appearance. Their height is less that of other peoples and more pronounced the higher in the hills they are found. Dark hair and swarthy complexion is prominent and where light skin is found it is pale and sallow. The majority of the people are dark haired and eyed as well.

Armed Combat +1, Climb +1, Craft +1, Ranged Combat +1, Weather sense


 Variag of Khand (Man of Darkness)

The Variags are the “noble” upper-class of this society, analogous in many ways to the Dúnedain of Gondor in the Third Age.

Armed Combat +2, Ride +1, Ranged Combat +1, Survival (Plains) +2, Teamster +1; Battle-fury


Woodsman of Mirkwood

Farther south other of these men roamed, taking up small settlements about the forests and lush prairies between the woods of the Misty Mountains and the great forest of Mirkwood. Like their mountain brethren, these Men lead a simple life and only take up arms against orcs raiding out of the mountains or Mirkwood or the Great Eagles who steal their sheep.

Armed Combat +1, Craft +1, Ranged Combat +1, Survival Forests or Mountains) +2, Track +1


Woses (Wild Men)

Insight +1, Lore +1, Observe +1, Stealth +1, Survival +1, Track +1