[Order Ability]

Order Loremaster
Description You belong to one of the many cults of Morgoth that have arisen over the centuries following the Dark Foe's banishment from Middle-earth.
Requirements Secretive ability; 2+ points of Corruption; 4+ ranks in Language:Black Speech; 8+ ranks in Lore/Group:Servants of the Shadow or equivalent

Members of any Morgoth cult have certain common privileges. They gain +2 to any Lore test that pertains to the Shadow, its servants and its arts, and +2 to all Intimidate tests. They also have authority to command low-ranking cult initiates to perform errands or serve as bodyguards.

If a Morgoth cult member acquires the Loremaster Spellcasting ability, he gains three spell picks instead of two, with the requirement that at least one pick must be spent on a Sorcery spell.