Spellcasting Prodigy

[Order Ability]

Order Magician
Description You learn to cast spells more easily than most.
Requirements Spellcasting ability; Wits 9+

• If you learn new spells through study, reduce each week of required study time by a number of days equal to your Wits bonus +1. This cannot reduce the required time to less than one day per spell pick.

• If you learn new spells through discovery of innate talent, reduce the initial penalty to Weariness tests by your Wits bonus +1. This applies to the initial -10 penalty as well as the -5 penalty in the second ‘stage’ of learning the spell. It cannot make a penalty smaller than -1.

• If you have the Spell Specialty ability, whenever you learn a spell within that specialty that: a) costs 1 pick, and b) permits increased effects by spending additional spell picks, you gain the first level of increased effect automatically upon learning the spell, without spending any additional spell picks. (This does not apply retroactively to spells you have already learned, and it only applies to one spell specialty, even if you have taken the Spell Specialty ability more than once.)

Improvements none