[Elite Order]

Description You are a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to using and crafting weapons. You don't consider any specific weapon a favorite nor use one exclusively.

Carry more than one kind of weapon

For two of the three combat skill groups (Armed Combat, Ranged Combat, and Unarmed Combat), you must have 6+ ranks in each of two specific skills in the group, -and- two specialties in each of those skills.

1+ ranks in Smithcraft with the Weaponsmith specialty -or- 1+ ranks in Craft:Bows/Arrows

Cannot have the Favoured Weapon ability

Order Skills

Armed Combat, Craft, Inspire, Intimidate, Observe, Ranged Combat, Run, Smithcraft, Stealth, Unarmed Combat

Other Info


Order Abilities

Battle Focus

Combat Prowess

Enhanced Craftsmanship

Masterwork (Core Book page 87)

Throwing Weapons

Weapon Savvy