Lingering Shadow


Description You have been grievously wounded by a powerful agent of the Enemy and lived to tell the tale, but you will never be completely whole again in your heart.
Requirements none

Upon taking damage from a servant of The Enemy of sufficient corruption (for example, TN Equivalent 15 or greater), you have become stained by the touch of evil. Though your wound may heal (recover all Wound Points), a scar will remain no matter the skill in healing.

You will also suffer a -2 penalty on social tests, and the Fair edge shall be nullified (even if you are an Elf, for your spirit has been diminished).

These wounds strike deep into a character’s soul and the subtle magic of Middle-earth marks the anniversary of such a wound, causing the character to lose 3 Weariness levels for 24 hours.


Yes. Every time a character is so wounded, this trait can be acquired, and the effects are cumulative. If a character is wounded in such a manner upon the anniversary of a previous wound, subsequent anniversaries shall cause the character to fall into a fitful unconsciousness for the day.