Racial Abilities



This ability applies to Elves after the end of the First Age. Albeit from vision of foresight, hearing the call of the gull or roar of the surf, a new stirring in your soul is awakened – you are compelled to cross back over the sea to Valinor. If this event occurs, you must make a TN 5 Willpower test every month that you remain in Middle-earth.

Failing the test causes you to gain 1 point of Sea-longing and increases the test by +1 TN. When an Elf character has accumulated a number of Sealonging points equal to his total Willpower bonus, the character must seek out a haven and leave Middle-earth within one year or as soon as possible.

If the character cannot leave Middle-earth, he begins to fade away, losing 1 Advancement Pick to spend or 1 Courage Point. If either reach 0, the character gains the Incorporeal creature ability and becomes tied to a specific place or thing, forever losing the ability to directly influence the real world.



You are an ancestor or direct descendant of Beorn; you have the ability to change into a fearsome black bear at will.

Effects: You gain the ability to use the spell Mastery of Shapes as an innate ability, but you are limited to taking the form of a black bear.