[Elite Order]

"...for long years we healers have only sought to patch the rents made by the men
of swords.Though we should still have enough to do without them: the world
is full enough of hurts and mischances without wars to multiply them."
— The Warden of the Houses of Healing, The Return of the King


A Healer is a person who dedicates their time and efforts to healing the wounded and sick. A Healer may perform other functions, but their focus is on the healing arts. Healers are among the best-trained curates in all of Middle-earth, and as such are highly sought after by those in need. In the dark war-torn times of the Third Age, trained Healers rarely find themselves without work.

Requirements Wits 8+; Bearing 6+; 8+ ranks in Healing; 8+ ranks in total among healing-related Lore skills
Order Skills

Craft, Healing, Inquire, Insight, Language, Lore, Observe, Persuade, Search, Survival

Other Info

Adventures: Healers are often caught up in adventures. Their particular skills are always of value to most any adventuring group. Their liege lord could assign them to a group, or they could be hired to join a quest. Healers may even simply offer their services to a party they feel could use their talents.

Background: Most Healers begin their careers as either Loremasters or Nobles, though most any order can produce a Healer with time and training. Healers tend to learn at least a little magic-craft, and many possess other skills beyond their curative talents. While all races have Healers, they are more numerous among Elves and Men. Elvish Healers possess the finest medical training and resources, especially in Rivendell, but the Houses of Healing in Minas Tirith are comparable.

Order Abilities

Battlefield Magic

Cross-Order Skill (Core Book page 98)

Deft Healer

Healer's Reputation

Master Healer

Medicinal Herb Lore