Merry Heart


"I will not say: do not weep; for not all tears are an evil."
—Gandalf, The Return of the King

Description Through times of loss and evil, your buoyant spirit remains steadfastly hopeful, and sorrow does not remain long in your heart.
Requirements none
Effect You receive a +4 bonus to Willpower tests to avoid suffering the effects of Grief, and +2 to Inspire tests used to grant others a bonus to resist Grief. See the rules for Grief below.
Improvements none


Grief (optional rules)

Terrible events, such as the loss of loved ones, or suffering shameful or unheroic failures, might force a character to make a Grief test. When this happens, the character must make a Willpower test vs. Corruption to counter further harmful effects.

The test has a base difficulty of TN 5, which increases by +2 for each trait the character has that is directly affected by the terrible circumstances. Such traits include: Ally, Command, Friends, Rank, Battle-fury, Code of Honour, Crippling Wound, Dark Secret, Duty, Fealty, Oath, Reckless, Stiff-necked, and Weak-willed.

(See The Hall of Fire issue 21, pages 8-9, for descriptions of events that might affect each of these traits.)

If the character fails the Willpower test versus Corruption, he or she must roll 1d6 to determine what harmful effect occurs:

Result Effect
1-3 (Result x -2) penalty to social tests for a number of weeks equal to Result
4-5 Add a rank to the Grief-triggering flaw or gain a new flaw

Gain 1 Corruption point