Description You are a master of clever remarks and plays on words.
Requirements Wits 8+
Effect You receive a +1 bonus to all Debate tests. When the Debate test is made to engage in banter, taunts, or other contests of wits (see below), the bonus increases to +4. However, you do not receive any benefit from this edge if you do not have at least six (6) ranks in the language you use for the Debate test.
Improvements none


Contests of Wits (optional rules)

When a character is engaged in banter, taunts, or other verbal “jousting”, you can determine who gets the better of his opponent using opposed Debate tests. The winner of such a “debate” does not win in the traditional sense of convincing listeners to adopt a point of view or a course of action, but rather causes the opponent to suffer loss of face or embarrassment.

You can also use witty remarks to bolster your arguments in a real debate. In addition to the Debate test you make for each stage of the debate, make a separate Debate test against TN 10. On a Marginal or Complete success, you gain a +1 bonus to the result of your normal Debate test. On a Superior success, the bonus is +2, and on an Extraordinary success, the bonus is +3.

Narrators should note that this debating strategy may not work or may backfire in situations where solemnity is expected of the debaters, or when the audience closely identifies with the person against whom the jibes are directed.