Racial Packages: Hobbits


Banks (Fallowhide)

Craft +1, Debate +1, Observe +1, Persuade +1, Survival +1, Weather-sense +1


Boggies of the Midgewater Marshes (Harfoot)

When the Witch-King conquered Rhudaur around TA 1350, most Stoors fled the Angle, but the slow or unlucky were captured by the armies of Angmar. The most cunning and morally flexible saved their lives by serving the enemy as laborers, assassins, or spies. When the Witch-King was defeated at the Battle of Fornost, these Stoors deserted en masse and escaped to locations they judged too noisome for Big Folk to investigate. The Midgewater Marshes is now the homeland of the Boggies (hence their name) although some Boggies scurried North to settle in the Trollshaws.

Armed Combat +1, Conceal +1, Craft +1, Legerdemain +1, Observe +1, Stealth +1


Brockhouse (Stoor)

Craft +1, Games +1, Inquire +1, Observe +1, Persuade +1, Ranged Combat +1


Burrowers of Hollin (Stoor)

Even for Hobbits, Burrowers are very small. Their possessions are few-consisting of weapons, clothing, basic tools, and not much else. Burrower communities too are small. They live either in holes dug in a hillside or in the cellars of ancient towns deserted by Men. The Rangers say that they have sometimes found Hobbit footprints in the deserted city of Tharbad.

Appraise+1, Observe +1, Perform+1, Ranged Combat +1, Stonecraft +1, Survival +1


Fairies of Mirkwood (Fallowhide)

Mirkwood Fairies are even fairer and more nimble than their Fallohide cousins in the Shire. Their homes are built in caves or are dug under the roots of old hollow trees, but they are no mere nooks—they are comfortable, elegant dwellings filled with finely-carved furniture and brightly colored tapestries.

Climb +1, Craft +1, Observe +1, Perform +1, Ranged Combat +1, Stealth +1


Heathertoes (Harfoot)

Craft +1, Debate +1, Games +1, Inquire +1, Observe +1, Ranged Combat +1


Little Folk of the Anduin Vales (Dawn-Hobbit)

The Little Folk are the original Hobbits, predating the time before their kind split into three strains. Most are even smaller and browner than the Harfoots, but they are very wiry and nimble due to the exertions of their daily lives. The homes of the Little Folk are little more than holes dug into the riverbank; their wooden tools and linen clothing are simple and handmade. Without a land of their own and extremely cautious of all Big Folk, the Little Folk move their settlements whenever they suspect they might have been discovered.

Craft +1, Observe +1, Survival +1, Track +1, Sea-craft +1, Swim +1


Longholes (Stoor)

Craft +2, Games +1, Inquire +1, Observe +1, Survival +1


Mugwort (Fallohide)

Craft +1, Games +1, Observe +1, Perform +1, Persuade +1, Survival +1


Sandheaver (Harfoot)

Craft +2, Debate +1, Games +1, Observe +1, Hoard 1


Tunnelly (Stoor)

Craft +2, Games +1, Observe +1, Persuade +1, Ranged Combat +1, Survival +1


Underhill (Stoor)

Craft +1, Debate +1, Observe +1, Persuade +1, Ranged Combat +1, Survival +1