Item of Power

[Order Ability]

Order Craftsman
Description You can imbue the items you create with your own personal power.
Requirements Enchantment ability -or- The Art racial ability

While Enchantment ability grants a character the ability to create minor magical items, this ability allows a craftsman to create an item of Power (ring, jewel, weapon, etc.). He must have the powers that will be woven into the item.

As the character spends his personal power – his accumulated power of being – into the item’s creation, he loses whatever powers that are placed into the item (specialties, ranks in skills, etc.); these powers may be reacquired upon subsequent advancements. When adding attribute, reaction, and skill bonuses/points, the character loses a number of points/ranks equal to the imbued bonus (see Table 1).

Creating items of power, no matter how trivial is taxing to the mind and body. The craftsman must make a Weariness test per effect with a TN of 7 + number of days for the effect to be imbued (see Table 2). The imbued effects are always active while the item is worn.





See Table 2 for the number of days required for adding the effect to the item. Bonuses to attributes, reactions, and skills are applied to the corresponding test results, not the wearer’s actual scores/ranks. An item that has a Wits bonus woven into it can influence its wearer if he acts in a way contrary to the personality of its maker. If the wearer attempts such an action, he must make a Willpower vs. Corruption test with a TN equal to the maker’s Bearing score at the time of the item’s creation.


See Table 2 for the number of days required for adding the effect to the item. Items with Order abilities woven into them require the wearer to have the particular Order to gain the use of the ability, though all other ability prerequisites are waived. An ability gained via an item may also count for the prerequisite of other abilities and powers gained through normal advancement, see Orders below for more information.


See Table 2 for the number of days required for adding the effect to the item. For traits with upgrades, treat each upgrade as an individual edge where time for imbuing the effect is concerned.


Adding a spell or spell-like ability to an item requires 1 day per spell pick; only spells that the Narrator deems appropriate to the specific item may be imbued in this manner (for example, Change Hue for a cloak or ring while Bane would be best for weapons). The same number of actions to invoke the spell are still required. Unless the character has spent spell picks to remove spell components or to add effects to the spell, a spell imbued into an item is cast in the normal manner and has the standard effects based on the item wearer’s stats.

If a spell is a Sorcery spell and if not used as a counterspell, the item becomes corrupt, though any item created by a Corrupt individual will always be corrupt. Having a corrupt item in a character’s possession causes him to immediately gain 1 Corruption point and must make a Corruption test every week with a TN equal to the creator’s Bearing at the time of creation.


See Table 2 for the number of days required for adding the effect to the item. If an item has an Order woven into it, the wearer gains the benefits of having that Order, but if the item is ever taken off they are lost and any effects that require the Order become inactive until the item is put on again.


Table 1: Bonus Table

Points/Ranks Bonus
1-6 +1
7-9 +2
10-11 +3
12+ +[ (ranks - 4) / 2 ], rounded down


Table 2: Creation Time for Ring Powers

Days Effect
1 Specialty
2 +1 Skill bonus
3 Edge or edge upgrade; +1 Reaction bonus
4 Ability or ability upgrade
5 +1 Attribute point
6 Basic Order
7 Elite Order