Train Animal

[Order Ability]

Order Craftsman
Description You can train an animal to accomplish several different tasks or tricks on command.
Requirements 3+ ranks in Craft:Train Animals

To train an animal, make a Craft: Train Animals test against the animal's Willpower. A contest of wills (see pg. 222, Core Rule Book) may be made, in lieu of the Craft test, to train an animal and must be won by the trainer or owner for the training to succeed.

If the animal wins the contest of wills, the animal cannot be trained and no retry is allowed. If trained, this ability is then listed along with the animals other special abilities. The animal must have enough advancement picks to acquire this ability.

Regardless of the type of skill (trained or untrained), the animal is limited to learning the trained skills at the Narrator's discretion. Regardless of skill type (trained or untrained), the Narrator may decide which skills the animal has access to.

This ability applies to all conditions outside of the benefits gained from Steady and War-trained.

Improvements none

Normally, animals only act on instinct and can only gain ranks in skills that can be used untrained. This ability lets you train animals to act on command and gain ranks in trained-only skills.

If you fail to train an animal using this ability, you can retry by making another Craft:Train Animals test. Before making the new test, you must wait a number of days equal to the difference between your original test result and the animal's successful Willpower test to resist being trained.