[Racial Template]

Nature The Petty-dwarves are very proud and unsociable, rarely communicating outside their own kind. Dwarves they both shun and admire, since they are a constant reminder of what they have been. But the Elves have acquired their special hatred. Most of the Noegyth pursue evil ways, like their ancestors, but since they remain part of the Free People, it is their own choice whether to lead good or bad lives. Some Noegyth Nibin have been known to repent, and to work for a better future for their kin. Like dwarves, they do not forget easily, and especially remember the wrongs done unto them.
Lands Petty-dwarves still prefer the underground dwelling their race was made for. But rarely do their halls display such splendour as a dwarvish mansion. Nonetheless, their habitations are cunningly hidden before intrusive eyes, and their interior is serviceable. The two remaining settlements in Western Middle-earth are in the Eryn Vorn and in the area around Cameth Brin.
Speech Most Noegyth speak a bastardized form of Khuzdul they name Khôsd. Their open use of this language is a further reasons for 'proper' dwarves to abhor them. In order to communicate with other people, most have learned at least one mannish language, be it the language of the Hillman or of the wild Beffraen. Only a few speak Westron.
Names Most of them adhere to Dwarvish tradition, though some of the names use a debased form.
Petty-dwarves of Renown Ónar is undoubtedly infamous among the Dwarves, and either revered or hated by his own people. He must be still alive, but where his dwelling is, none can say. Only Mîm and his sons Khim and Ibun have entered the histories of the West, and their names are held high by the Petty-dwarves themselves. Especially Ibun is seen as a sort of founding father, rescuing the remaining Noegyth and leading them to a new life. Another Petty-dwarf whose name has been rumoured is Miffli, last lord of Armoq-al-Wanu, the Twisted Hill, now supposedly undead.
Favoured Orders Barbarian, craftsman, rogue. Even though they lack the skill of their kinsmen, Petty-dwarves still seek to distinguish themselves as smiths. However, they show real proficiency as miners and builders. Nonetheless, they show most aptitude in the survival in wilderness. Some matriarchs may be loremasters, even with magic-like abilities.
Adjustments +1 Nimbleness, +1 Vitality, -1 Bearing

Appraise, Climb, Conceal, Craft, Guise, Lore, Mimicry, Observe, Ranged Combat, Search, Stealth, Stonecraft, Survival, Track, Weather Sense

Special Requirements: All Petty-dwarves must have at least one level in any Craft skill, and one level in one wilderness-based skill. These come from your picks normally. They are not free.

Edges Charmed Life (side-effect of Durin's Curse), Curious, Dodge, Furtive, Hardy, Indomitable, Keen-eyed, Wary, Woodcrafty
Flaws Arrogant, Craven, Dull-eared, Dull-eyed, Enemy (Dwarves), Grasping, Hatred (Elves), Proud, Slow Recovery, Stiff-necked, Weak-willed, Cultural Conflict (Dwarves, but malus is -6), Dark Heart, Fearful, Outcast, Wide of Girth
Special Abilities

Durin's Curse: Even though every real Dwarf abhors the sight of a Noegyth, they are banned by the decree of their highest king from killing them. Another effect of the Curse is a higher susceptibility to becoming undead.

Whispering Ancestors: Since the soul of every Petty-dwarf remains within Arda, their descendants have learned how to communicate with them. It is a complicated ritual, needing both a moonless night as well as the right paraphernalia. Before the summoning, one has to specify which ancestor one desires to call; the right choice can be made via a TN 12 check on Lore/History: Petty-dwarves. Like a spell, the summoning is draining: make a Willpower roll against TN 15 to avoid losing Weariness levels. However, once successful, the results are powerful indeed. The ancestor can tell much about the past (Lore/History: appropriate skill +5) and can even teach some of his skills to his descendant (only theoretical aspects: refer to Teaching rules in POTW).

Memory of the Wronged: When trying to remember a fact related to suffered injury, either to themselves or your people, they receive +3.

Stunted People: Petty-dwarves are ugly and badly proportioned, thus receiving a -4 to Persuade (Charm) when talking to other races.

Small Folk: Lacking dwarven stoutness, Noegyth are considered Small. They only have four Wound Levels.

Hunted like Animals: From hard experience, Petty-dwarves have learned how to avoid being seen. They receive a +2 bonus on Hide and Stealth.

Secretive: Petty-dwarves may add their Wits modifier to all Willpower tests related to keeping their secrets. Moreover, they gain +2 to Conceal. You may chose the Loremaster order ability in addition to this.

Lore of the Brown Earth: What dwarves know about stone, Petty-dwarves know about earth. They know where to find nourishing roots and useful herbs. If looking for food, they gain a +4 to Survival (except on water).

Night-eyed: All Noegyth Nibin have the edge Night-eyed 1.