Description You are afraid of something: fire, heights, water, spiders, etc.
Requirements none

Select something you are afraid of. If you encounter the object of your fear or someone casts a spell involving the object of your fear, make a Fear test at TN 7 or 7 + caster’s Bearing modifier, consulting the Fear Effects table upon a failure.

Succeeding does not affect you adversely, but remaining in the presence of the object of fear can cause further Fear tests or require the expenditure of Courage points if the Narrator so deems.

Additionally, as a spellcaster, you receive a -3 penalty when casting spells that involve the object of your fear.


Yes. Every time you choose this trait, either select a new object to fear or the Fear test base TN for a particular object of fear increases – to TN 10 for the first upgrade and TN 15 for the second.

The spellcasting penalty also increases by an additional -3 for each additional pick.