Loyal Followers

[Order Ability]

Order Noble
Description Whether through fear, benevolence, or largess, you exert a powerful influence over the nearest of your followers.
Requirements none

All your followers, including guards, officials, informants, friends, and others, receive a +2 bonus to Willpower tests to resist taking actions that would compromise their loyalty to you, and are treated as having the Faithful edge when attempting to defend you.

You also gain your choice of a +2 bonus to all Inspire -or- Intimidate -or- Persuade tests. If you have any Edge that involves assistance from other people (such as Ally, Command, Elf-Friend, or Friends), the assistance they provide is to the very best of their ability.

Improvements You can purchase this ability up to three times. Each time you acquire the ability, you receive a +2 bonus to another skill of your choice (Inspire, Intimidate, or Persuade, but not one that you have chosen before), and your followers gain an additional +2 bonus to their Willpower tests and are treated as having an additional rank in the Faithful edge when attempting to defend you.