Uncanny Knack

[Order Ability]

Order Magician
Description You have a strange gift that seems to come to your aid at just the right moment. This special talent is an innate spell ability, though you might not recognize it as such.
Requirements none

Since this ability costs far fewer picks to acquire than the standard rules for innate magical abilities prescribe, it is subject to certain limitations:

• the innate ability is usable once per day for free; after which each additional use costs a point of Courage

• the innate spell must cost 1 pick and have Weariness TN 8 or less

• the innate spell affects only you, not other persons or objects

• the innate spell’s effect must be invisible or extremely subtle

Good spell choices for this ability include: Beast Cloak, Blessing of Aulë, Blessing of Elbereth, Blessing of Oromë, Cold-Ward, Detect Foe, Hide’s Virtue, Invocation of Elbereth, Keen Senses, Mind Shield, Rain-Ward, Resist Fear, Sense Power, Shell’s Virtue, Spoken Thoughts, Steady Hand, Stout Body, Strength of Limb, Swift of Foot.

Improvements none
Special This can be the first Magician order ability taken, as an alternative to Spellcasting. The ability can be taken only once.