Spirit Seer

[Order Ability]

Order Barbarian
Description You can communicate with ghosts and spirits.
Requirements 6+ ranks in Observe; Wisdom 4+

You gain Sense Power as a magical ability.

You can also communicate with ghosts and spirits. To do so, you must spend ten minutes entering a trance-like state. You can then attempt to communicate with a ghost or spirit within a radius equal to one mile per point of Bearing you have. This includes the spirits that inhabit fell beasts such as wights and werewolves, though more often your contact is with a nature spirit. If you know a particular spirit, you can attempt to contact that one; if more than one spirit is within range and you do not know any of them, determine the one you contact randomly.

A spirit speaks remotely into your mind and does not leave the form it inhabits (if any) or know what your location is, unless you reveal that information. Your conversation with spirits is like any other: you may have to persuade a reluctant spirit to converse with you or give you information, and you must make Insight or Wisdom tests to avoid being tricked by false or misleading statements. A spirit with magical abilities may even attempt to enchant you with its speech.

The contact (and the trance) ends when you conclude the conversation or when a period of time has elapsed equal to one minute per point of Bearing you have. When the trance ends, you immediately make a Stamina test at TN 20 and lose one Weariness level for each degree of failure.

Improvements If you take this ability a second time, you require only one minute to enter the trancelike state necessary to communicate with spirits, and your Stamina test upon ending the trance is at TN 15.

Certain drugs can reduce the amount of time required to enter the trance and also prolong the trance’s duration. A TN 12 Lore/Wilderness (or equivalent) test is required to know where to find the ingredients for such a drug and how to prepare it.

A spirit seer who uses such a drug can enter the trance in only one-quarter of the time normally required, and the trance can last for up to two minutes per point of Bearing.

However, the drug also incurs a -1 penalty to tests the seer makes while conversing with a spirit, such as tests to persuade the spirit to reveal information or tests to see through deceptions.