[Order Ability]

Order Loremaster
Description You belong to a secret society, the Watchkeepers.
Requirements Secretive ability; 8+ ranks in Lore/Wilderness:Star-lore or equivalent

Members of this society believe it is their task to watch for signs of the future unfolding. They specialize in various forms of divination, the most popular of which is reading the stars. Watchkeepers also look for signs in the natural world: in beasts, stones, trees and clouds. However, the Watchkeepers strongly believe that knowledge of the future is perilous and fragile: it tempts men to act in ways that often result in their own ruin, while the thing they sought to prevent is made even worse. A Watchkeeper exercises the greatest care over his divinations. He does not reveal his talent to others, and seldom acts on what he learns unless he is certain that the time to act has come.

As a Watchkeeper, whenever the stars are visible, you gain the benefits of the Foresighted edge even if you do not meet the prerequisites. Also, once per day you can use the Insight skill to gain premonitions of impending events, as shown on the table below. This requires a full-round action in which you stretch out your senses to the elements of the world around you, opening yourself to the impressions they give you. You can prolong your period of sensitivity to gain a bonus to the test: +1 if you spend one full minute, and +2 if you spend ten full minutes.

Insight test TN Quality of premonition
TN 10 Minor premonition (arrival of a friend)
TN 15 Important premonition (arrival of an enemy)
TN 20 Life-saving premonition (arrival of a deadly enemy)

You are bound by oath not to divulge what you learn through your Watchkeeper divinations to any other person, even another Watchkeeper. Whenever you act (in a non-trivial way) on the knowledge you gain through a divination, you must make a special test to avoid acquiring points of Corruption. Make a TN 8 Wisdom (not Willpower) test and gain one point of Corruption for each degree of failure. You may receive a modifier to your test result, depending on how much time has passed between the time you receive the divination and the time you act on it.

Time since divination Test modifier
Less than 10 min. -2
Less than 1 day -1
Less than 1 week +0
1 week or more +1
1 month or more +2