[Order Ability]

Order Craftsman
Description You have an apprentice who is learning the trade under your tutelage.
Requirements 8+ ranks in a Craft skill

Your protégé has 2 ranks in your primary Craft skill, a skill specialty (+2 bonus) for the item you primarily manufacture, and a +1 bonus from the appropriate attribute for that skill.

Your protégé assists you in Craft tests (use the Combined Test rules), and can also maintain your place of business while you are away on travels; this meets the work and maintenance requirements for the Place of Trade and Refuge order abilities, if you have either of those. However, while your place of business is operated by the apprentice, income is reduced to 60%.

Improvements If you purchase this ability a second time, your protégé is a journeyman, who has 4 ranks in your primary Craft skill, a +2 skill specialty bonus, the Craftmaster Edge, and a +1 bonus from the primary attribute for that skill. When you leave your place of business in the hands of the journeyman, there is no reduction in income.