Society of Antiquarian Collectors

[Order Ability]

Order Loremaster
Description You belong to a secret society, the Society of Antiquarian Collectors.
Requirements Secretive ability; 8+ ranks in Lore/Other:Ancient Artifacts or equivalent

Members of this society are treasure-hunters who painstakingly research the existence and likely locations of items of both historical and monetary value. They are scholars first and foremost, excited by the challenge of researching and acquiring such treasures even more than by the prospect of enriching their own personal fortunes. Under the society’s pact, members agree to exchange the results of their research with one another; they use a special coded language to ensure that intercepted missives cannot be understood.

As an Antiquarian Collector, you gain a +3 bonus to any Appraise test or Lore test pertaining to items of historical value or great monetary value. You also gain a bonus to any Lore test pertaining to an individual with the Hoard edge; the bonus is +1 for each time the individual has taken the Hoard edge. When you are physically searching for a hidden object (but not an object concealed on someone’s person), your Observe (Spot) or Search test receives a +2 bonus.