Racial Packages: Dwarves


Dwarf of Aglarond

Following the renowned Gimli, son of Gloin, you trekked to establish a small realm within the Caves of Aglarond or known as the Glittering Caves by the locals. Works of your people here are known best by the Rohirrim, whose most venerable fortress, Helm's Deep, resides just outside your gates.

Appraise (Gems) +2, Armed Combat +1, Craft (Jewelry) +1, Debate (Bargain) +1, Edge: Craftmaster


Guardian of Ónar (Petty-dwarf of Rhudaur)

The rest of the surviving Petty-dwarves remained in the South of Beleriand until the land sank. Then they went back into Eriador, but took refuge in the halls where their master had first received instruction, a place that is now called Cameth Brin.

Appraise +1, Lore +1, Stealth +1, Stonecraft +1, Survival (Hills) +1, Curious


Ibunite (Petty-dwarf of the Eryn Vorn)

Ibun found his mother’s kin, and – being in the possession of truly royal riches, he persuaded more than half of them to go back east into the lands from whence they originally came. And they followed Ibun and came to dwell in the deep woods of Eryn Vorn.

Observe+1, Ranged Combat+1, Stealth+1, Survival (Woods and Jungle) +1; Woodcrafty, Hatred (Druedain)