Description Your knack for inventing simple but memorable phrases, rhymes and tunes makes listeners more susceptible to your ideas.
Requirements Bearing 8+, Wits 8+, 4 or more ranks in Perform:Compose Verse
Effect You gain +1 Renown, and you receive a +1 bonus to all Persuade tests. When using the optional "Propaganda" rules (see below) to influence large groups of people, you gain a +4 bonus to the Perform test result.
Improvements none


Propaganda (optional rules)

Choose a venue – ideally an inn or a public square – from which to launch your message. Make a Perform test that involves some form of vocalization, whether singing, oration, or comedy.

The TN of this test depends on the attitude of your audience toward your idea – or toward you personally, whichever is less favorable. Include social test modifiers, including Renown modifiers, as applicable. (A Persuade test to get the audience on your side first is often a good idea. Also, a subtle message may be seen as a matter of indifference by listeners who might oppose a more radical idea.)

Audience Attitude TN
Opposed 20
Apathetic 15
Sympathetic 10

If you beat the TN, at least some among your audience will remember your performance and repeat it to others in the community. The propaganda spreads through the locality in phases, each time reaching another ten percent of the local area.

This happens for a number of phases equal to your Perform test result / 3, rounded up. The time required for each phase of the spread depends on the population density of the region:

Population Density Time per phase
Dense (Minas Tirith, Hobbiton) 1 day
Moderate (Bree-lands, Lórien 3 days
Sparse (Dunland, The Wold) 1 week

Not every individual in an affected area hears the propaganda, and hearing it does not imply acceptance of it. Some people will be influenced by the propaganda while others will not. It is up to the Narrator to decide whether the spread of an idea through your performance has a significant impact on attitudes and events in the region. (If it does, your fame – or infamy – in that region might increase, resulting in greater Renown or the acquisition of an Edge or a Flaw.)