Tales of the Sea

[Order Ability]

Order Mariner
Description The accumulated lore of generations of seafarers is yours to share.
Requirements none

When you make a Perform (Storytelling) or equivalent test, add a bonus equal to one-third of your ranks in Sea-craft or Profession: Sailor, rounding up.

Also, if you fail any Lore test, you can add the same bonus described above to your test result, to see whether you know a story that pertains to the subject in question. If adding the bonus produces a success, an additional test is required to determine whether the story you recall contains reliable information. (The Narrator should make this test in secret.) Roll 2d6 and add your Wisdom score, then check the result against the table below.

Result Story is...
4 or less Entirely false
5-7 Mostly false
8-10 Mostly true
11 or more Entirely true