[Order Ability]

Order Loremaster
Description You belong to a secret society, the Edheluath (Sind. "Elf-shadow").
Requirements Secretive ability; Elf -or- Elf-friend edge; 4+ ranks in Language:Sindarin; 4+ ranks in Lore/Race:Elves or equivalent

Members of this society know the location of Rivendell and other secret Elven enclaves, such as the refuges used by the Wandering Companies. As a member of the Edheluath, you know the subtle markers to find your way to these locales, and the passwords and hand-signs to gain entry. You must never reveal this information to anyone outside the society (though you might lead a blindfolded ally to a secret locale).

You are taught a special sign that identifies your status in the society to any Elf; invoking this sign grants a +4 bonus to social tests with Elves. You also periodically receive news from the Elves on affairs that might concern or interest you.