[Elite Order]


Skilled sailors and leaders of men, the commander is similar to a captain, though though they are found at the helm of a ship rather than upon a battlefield. Whether they command navies of warships, or lead merchant fleets, commanders are at home upon the deck of a ship, having come to their position through rank, experience, or wealth.

Most commanders begin their careers as mariners or warriors. These orders provide many of the skills a commander will need to captain sea-craft and lead navies on the waters of Middle Earth. Mariners, obviously, have many useful abilities which aid them well as commanders. At times, nobles may join their ranks as well.

Requirements Bearing 8+; 10+ ranks in Sea-craft
Order Skills

Armed Combat, Debate, Inspire, Intimidate, Lore, Observe, Ranged Combat, Sea-craft, Swim, Weather-sense.

Other Info

For adventures which take place on the coast or the rivers, the commander is an essential member of any adventuring group, or as a valued NPC ally. Commanders are at home in campaigns involving naval combat, such as sorties against the Corsairs of Umbar. They can be dynamic and useful party members in any situation on seacraft or boats, whether based in the sea-fleets of Pelargir and other Gondoran sea-cities.

Many Elves based out of the Grey Havens are commanders, guiding vessels over the sea to Valinor, the Undying West. The commander’s usefullness is not restricted to the ocean, however, but also on the great waterways of Middle Earth, particularly the Great River, the Anduin, where they might make shorter trips back and forth for trade and transport. They are most suited as the naval counterparts to captains, leading warships in great sea-battles.

Order Abilities


Master of Ships

Port of Call

Sea Legs (Core Book page 93)

Ship (Core Book page 93)

Ship Handling