[Elite Order]

Description You are the keeper of the peace in your hamlet or a captain of the guard for your city. When there is a crisis such as missing people, theft, murder, or some other crime, it is your duty to enforce the law and bring evil-doers to justice.
Requirements 6+ ranks in Lore/Realm:Any; 7+ ranks in Search; 5+ ranks in Track; Rank edge
Order Skills

Armed Combat, Debate, Intimidate, Inquire, Insight, Lore/Group, Lore/Race, Lore/Realm, Observe, Persuade, Ranged Combat, Search, Track

Other Info

Favoured Attributes: Strength, Perception

Favoured Reaction: Wisdom

Order Abilities

Air of Command (Core Book page 106)

Cross-Order Skill (Core Book page 98)


Protector (Core Book page 109)

Tactical Advantage