Shared Powers

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Order Craftsman
Description This ability allows you to share your natural Druadan powers with one masterwork watch-stone which you have carved and lent to someone you wish to be protected.
Requirements Member of the Druedain (Woses); Masterwork ability, 8+ ranks in Stonecraft

By laying your hands on the sculpture the watch-stone gains a sense of sight equal to yours and the ability to make a shrill whistle of warning audible only to the person to whom you lent the watch-stone. However you do not gain any awareness of the activities of the watch-stone in your absence and any damage the watch-stone suffers until your return is split between you and the watch-stone. You may only have one empowered watch-stone at a time.

A life-sized watch-stone has a 4 Protection and a 6 Structure. A larger-than-life watch-stone has a 6 Protection and 9 Structure. The watch-stone is immune to attacks that would not normally affect it, such as poison or fear, and is vulnerable to any attacks that would affect stone, such as the Sundering spell. If the Structure of the watch-stone reaches 0 then, after you receive half damage from the final attack against it, it is ruined and the sharing of powers and injury ends. When you return to it or the person it is protecting dies, the watch-stone likewise returns to normal and the sharing of powers and injury ends.


With the first improvement to this ability, a watch-stone that you create gains a sense of smell equal to yours.

With the second improvement to this ability, a watch-stone that you create a sense of hearing equal to yours.

With the third improvement to this ability, a watch-stone that you create gains the ability to move like you, but only for the sake of Stealth, Unarmed Combat, and physical actions in response to an observed danger to the one it is protecting. A watch-stone acts with a skill level equal to yours at the time of your departure, but because its hands are stone it is also eligible to inflict grave critical strikes with unarmed attacks. When danger seems past – perhaps after concealing itself first if future attacks seem likely – it will cease to move again.

With the fourth improvement to this ability, you suffer a -2 modifier to any Perception tests you make while away from your empowered watch-stone. But while awake you gain a vague awareness of the current actions and observations of your watch-stone, and while asleep you gain a clear awareness of the same. The watch-stone itself suffers no penalties to its Perception tests.