Half-Trolls (Ogres)

[Racial Template]

Nature Half Trolls, or Ogres as they are called in the south, are a blend of human and troll. They carry more of the human traits than troll. They appear to be very tall humans that have a height between 7 and 8 feet tall, with some even taller. They have dark skin with very little hair. Their facial features are rough and rather beastly looking which makes them look less than human.
Lands Ogres will live almost anywhere, though they tend to shy away from settled areas as they are feared by most civilized people. They live in small family groups of up to twenty individuals, though 8-10 is more average.
Adjustments -1 Nimbleness, +4 Strength, +3 Vitality, -1 Wits

Armed Combat, Intimidate, Language: Southron, Run, Survival

Special Abilities

HARDNESS OF BODY:  Ogres receive a +2 bonus on rolls to resist weariness caused by physical activities.

HARDNESS OF HEAD: Ogres are known to be quite stubborn people. Ogres can resist persuasion attempts at +2.

HEALTHY: Ogres have an unusually strong constitution. They resist diseases, sickness, and poisons with a +5 bonus.

INCONVENIENT SIZE: Ogres are slightly taller and broader than humans, and at times can suffer a -1 penalty when taking actions in spaces that a human would not suffer the same penalties.

THICK SKINNED: The skin of ogres is much thicker than that of a human. It gives them 1 point of damage resistance which is cumulative with any armor worn.

UNTEACHABLE: Ogres have a difficult time with learning and understanding new concepts, Any skills that are based on wits will require double the normal advancement picks to learn.