[Racial Template]

Nature Regardless of famine or plenty, Woses eat only what they need, and drink only water. In warm weather, males wear little more than a grass skirt about the waist. When traveling amidst thorns or rocks they also wear high buskins laced tight. But as need arises, Woses have no difficulty acquiring animal skins for greater protection. Keen of eyes and nose, their tracking skill of all that moves and their knowledge of all that grows almost equals that of the Elves, although the Woses were not taught their lore. Even in strange lands, Woses are uncannily quick to name all new plants and to correctly discern which are edible or poisonous.
Lands Drúadan Forest (First through Fourth Age), Drúwaith Iaur (First through Fourth Age), Beleriand (First Age), Númenor (Second Age)
Speech Their unique racial tongue is not taught to outsiders, and even its name is unknown. But it is known that the Woses who lived among the Haladin in the First Age fluently spoke Sindarin as a second language so as to be able to speak with their neighbors. In the Second Age, some of the Woses who flourished for generations on the isle of Númenor also learned a third language, Adûnaic. However, in the Third Age, few Woses learned more than a few words of Westron, which was the common tongue of their persecutors.
Woses of Renown In the First Age, Aghan the Leech developed a deep friendship with the family of Barach, who was a forester of the People of Haleth. In the Third Age, the great headman Ghân-buri-Ghân and his hunters protected and guided the Riders of Rohan down the Stonewain Valley towards Minas Tirith.
Favoured Orders Barbarian. But they excel at tracking, herbalism, leechcraft, painting, and the carving of figures in wood or stone. Thus Craftsman, Loremaster, and Ranger are all suitable orders as well. Woses may never begin in the Mariner order.
Adjustments +1 Nimbleness, +1 Perception, +1 Strength, +1 Vitality

Climb, Conceal, Craft, Insight, Language, Lore, Observe, Ranged Combat (Darts), Search, Stealth, Stonecarving, Survival, Track, Unarmed Combat (Brawling), Weather-sense, Woodcarving.

Special Requirements: All Woses must have at least two levels in one of these wilderness based skills: Survival, Track and Weather-Sense. These come from your picks normally and are not free.

Edges Accurate, Ambidextrous, Armour of Heroes, Craftmaster, Dodge, Faithful, Fell-handed, Foresight, Furtive, Hammerhand, Hardy, Honour’s Insight, Stern, Tireless, Travel-sense, Valour, Wakefulness, Warrior’s Heart
Flaws Arrogant, Battle-Fury, Code of Honour (May only poison orcs), Dull-eared, Duty, Slow Recovery, Stiff-necked
Special Abilities

Feud of the Oghor-Hai: Except for on the isle of Númenor during the Second Age, the number of Woses has always been small. This has been mostly because of the heavy casualties they suffer from their perpetual war with the Orcs, who in turn delight in torturing any Wose (or Oghor-hai in Orc dialect) they can capture.

All Woses have the flaw Enemy (all Orcs). However, Woses also receive a +2 bonus when making Track or Observe tests versus Orcs or when making a Healing test against Orc-inflicted wounds.

Gnarled as an Old Stone: Woses are strangely unlovely to look upon and they take no joy in music. Nor do they talk freely with those who are not kin or good friends. Woses receive a -4 bonus to Persuade (Charm) and Perform tests with those who are not Woses.

Hardness of Body: Woses receive a +2 bonus to Stamina rolls to resist losing Weariness Levels.

Sea Dread: Woses have a deathly fear of traveling over large bodies of water. They must make a Willpower test with a -4 penalty to temporarily master this fear.

Small Folk: Woses are considered Small. They have only four Wound Levels.

Uncanny Vigilance: If a Wose remains unobserved while maintaining a silent and motionless watch for intruders, any unfriendly or corrupted passersby observed by the Wose must make a Willpower test versus the Wose's Bearing +5 once every round or suffer the effects of Fear (see page 233 of the Core Book).

If a Wose is seen by a friendly and uncorrupted passerby while keeping such a watch, the passerby must make an Observe test (normally Target Number 10). Failure means the passerby mistakes the Wose for a mere watch-stone and acts accordingly.

Unlettered: Woses are unwilling to learn to read or write, although they do have a small set of symbols which they use with each other to share basic information, mark trails or warn of danger.

Wary as the Beasts: All Woses have the Wary, Keen-eyed and Keen-nosed edges. In addition, they may apply their Wits modifier as a bonus to Surprise tests.

Woodcrafty Beyond Compare: Woses receive a +4 bonus to Survival, Stealth, Track, and other wilderness tests when in the wild of their native land, and a +2 bonus to Survival, Stealth, Track, and other wilderness tests when in a wilderness elsewhere.