Craft Charm

[Order Ability]

Order Magician
Description You can create charms or talismans, minor enchanted items that confer a one-time spell effect designed to protect the user.
Requirements Spellcasting ability; Wits 9+; 4+ ranks in a Craft skill appropriate to the making of a small object

The bearer of a magical charm can take a single action to grasp the charm and invoke the enchantment, which is the full effect of the spell (not a reduced effect as described for permanently enchanted items in Paths of the Wise).

The magician who crafts a charm normally instructs its user on how to invoke the enchantment; in the absence of specific instructions, a character must have some other means of determining how to use the charm. After being used, the charm becomes a mundane object, no longer enchanted. Charms are considered small items for purposes of determining size factor.

You can enchant a charm with any of the following spells: Beast Cloak, Blessing of Elbereth, Cloak of Shadow, Cold-ward, Guarding-spell, Hide's Virtue, Mind Shield, Rain-ward, Resist Fear, or Shell's Virtue.

Improvements none