Races and Miscellaneous Options


Dwarf Racial Packages   

Dwarf of Aglarond Guardian of Onar Ibunite

Elf Racial Packages

Elf of Cuivenien Elf of Emyn-nu-Fuin Elf of Ithilien

Hobbit Racial Packages

Banks Burrowers of Hollin Little Folk of the Anduin Vales Sandheaver
Boggies of the Midgewater Marshes Fairies of Mirkwood Longholes Tunnelly
Brockhouse Heathertoes Mugwort Underhill

Man Racial Packages

Balchoth Man of Arnor Man of Ithilien Man of the Outlands Man of Umbar
Black Númenorean Man of Arthedain Man of Khand Man of Pelargir Ranger of the North
Éothéod Man of Cardolan Man of Minas Ithil Man of Rhudaur Rhudaur Commoner
Hillman Man of Dol Amroth Man of the Mountains Man of Rhûn Variag of Khand
Line of Girion Man of Dorwinion Man of Nurn Man of the Steppe Woodsman of Mirkwood
Lossoth Man of Esgaroth Man of Osgiliath Man of Tharbad Woses

Racial Templates

Ents Half-Trolls (Ogres) Maiar Petty-dwarves Woses


Call of the Sea Unique Ability Were-bear