Character Options Compendium


Welcome to the Character Options Compendium, a collection of the edges, flaws, Order abilities and other options published in The Hall of Fire fan magazine for the Lord of the Rings role-playing game.


What's in this collection?

Over 230 character options from the first forty-two issues of The Hall of Fire, including:

  • 26 new edges
  • 11 new flaws
  • 116 new Order abilities
  • 6 new Elite Orders
  • 29 new Order packages
  • 44 new racial packages
  • 5 new racial templates


Where to start?

Master list

Traits list

Orders and Order abilities list

Races and racial abilities list


Thanks to everyone who has contributed articles to The Hall of Fire for the first 42 issues! We hope this collection will make your work more accessible to (and appreciated by) Narrators and players of the Lord of the Rings RPG!