Magician Packages

Specialist Packages

Any one of the specialist packages detailed below can be taken at no cost when you join the Magician order. It does not replace the standard (or custom) package that a starting character gets; it is an extra optional package you can take in addition to the normal one.

The specialist package confers benefits to a small selection of spells identified in the description of the package, but slightly penalizes all other spells. Please note that a specialist package does not actually grant any spells. Spells must still be purchased normally by taking the Spellcasting order ability.

Benefits: When you cast a spell on your specialist package list, treat your Bearing score as if it were four points higher for purposes of determining spell range, duration, and any effects that depend on Bearing. (This does not improve secondary scores derived from Bearing, such as Willpower tests made to oppose a target or to resist Weariness according to the ‘Greater Weariness’ optional rules.)

Drawbacks: All spells other than those listed in your specialist package become more difficult for you to acquire:

If the rules for acquiring spells are not used in your game, as a substitute penalty you can increase by +1 the Weariness TN of all spells other than those in your specialist package.



Description: You perceive the nature of the created world, and refashion it through your arts.

Spells: Blessing of Aulë, Change Hue, Corrupt Surface, Enhance Food, Ithildin-Fire, Transformation.


Description: You have a special connection or kinship with a particular type of animal.

Special: Choose an animal type, such as canines, equines, felines, reptiles, insects, birds, etc. The bonus to your effective Bearing score applies only to the effect of spells on this type of animal. (Other animals may also be affected by these spells, but the increased effects do not apply to them.)

Spells: Animal Messenger, Beast Speech, Beast Summoning, Enslave Beast, Naming.


Description: Your sensitivity to the magic of the land helps you locate items and persons of interest.

Spells: Detect Foe, Finding and Returning, Sense Power, Virtue of Finding.


Description: Those who cause you trouble find it returning to them in double measure.

Spells: Disarm, Dull Senses, Dumbness, Hex-Spell, Move as Through Water, Slumber.


Description: Your arts restore strength and vigor to the wounded and the infirm.

Spells: Healing-spell, Renew, Revive, Stout Body, Strength of Limb.


Description: Your penetrating gaze pierces minds and great distances.

Spells: Farseeing, Mind-Speech, Reading the Heart, Sense Power.


Description: You invoke the powers of wind and water to aid you and your companions.

Spells: Cold-ward, Fog-raising, Fog-weaving, Rain-ward, Watershaping, Wind-mastery.